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We are EV Urjaa !!!

We are a service firm with a vision of building sustainable infrastructure for Electric Vehicle Charging station and mobility in India. We also provide consultancy for electric-vehicles.

Co Founders !!!

Sanyog Tiwari

Founder & CEO
3 Year Work Exp Big Data,
VIT University

Shashikant Dubey

7 Year experience Tata Steel,

Suyash Singh

5 Year Work experience,

Our Team !!!

What Our Community Partners has to say:

Nextnow Lohia, Indore
Lohia Motors

Electric Vehicles have come and we need feasibility in using them. EV-Urjaa has successfully converted Lohia vehicles with swappable mechanism which is great. Thanks EV-Urjaa!!

Ahuja Enterprises
E-Rikshaw on Rent

Which battery will be best suitable for my kind of business ? How I can convert my Lead-Acid fleet into Lithium..? These questions were answered to me by EV-Urjaa. Thanks EV-Urjaa!! & All the ery best

PTC, NGO, Indore
Training Center for Women

We were confused about the type of E-Rikshaw getting suitable for our girls who want to earn their livelyhood by driving E-Rikshaw. EV-Urjaa helped us a lot in knowing EVs very closely. Thanks!!

E-Savari, Indore
YC E-Rikshaw, Indore

Use of lithium ion battery in my vehicles has increased its overall performance and these are the feedback of my customer using my E-Rikshaw with Lithium Ion, as suggested by EV-Urjaa. Kudos EV-Urjaa

Compatible with vehicle brands

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