Future of Logistics

The Future of Logistics: CleanPort

CleanPort an initiative by EV-Urjaa for solving all your intra-city logistics Services for Customer-Centric Business People. Our Vision is To Provide Affordable Logistics Services.

The Best Part of CleanPort is We Offer You Environment Friendly Delivery . We Are Cost-Effective As Compare To Your Traditional Logistics Services. Our Simple Motive to Start CleanPort is To Promote Electric Vehicle Use So That in Future All the channels where Working is done and Depends on petrol and diesel we hereby promote environmentally friendly way So adopt the new Normal and be the part of this Revolution and be a savior of Environment.

Now Your Logistics Problem Is Solved in these Easy 3 Steps.

Gone are the days when first we have to search vehicles for our deliveries but now we have the solution for this problem just Download  CleanPort application From Google Play store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=evurjaa.cleanport

In  these three easy steps hire your vehicle for delivery.

  • One time sign-up via Google and contact number
  • Option for hire a driver and subscription basis
  • Enter pick-up point time and click on book button.

For phase 1 we provide end to end support on 3 features

  • Book a single ride
  • Hire a driver for a day
  • Subscription model for monthly and weekly basis

Till now we are performing 100 Deliveries per day in Indore Region. We also are in cope up with leading brand Big Basket and to add.

Logistics is just one easy to do.

The pain point we see in hiring vehicles is the time segment we are hiring that vehicle too. Here we solved your problem of that too. We here at CleanPort offer you hiring for an hourly basis to days basis, Means it is totally up to you for how long to hire that vehicle you can also subscribe on a monthly basis too.

The captains undergo training to ensure timely and safe delivery methods including mandatory safety guidelines such as the use of masks, gloves, and sanitizers.

CleanPort will allow businesses and entrepreneurs to maintain continuity and also increase sales by reaching out to new customers by leveraging CleanPort’s extensive network. The service will allow these businesses to overcome manpower and mobility challenges by helping them deliver their orders and save time.

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