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We are enabling energy operators to provide sustainable battery swapping infrastructure for electric vehicle .

“What are the advantages of connecting with EV URJAA and working as a energy operator?”

  • 01

    Quick Battery Swap!!

    Swap your discharged battery with a charged one, whenever needed.
  • 02

    Increased Business Opportunity

    Availability of charged battery will open broad areas of business.
  • 03

    Smart connected

    Our smart batteries let the vehicle connected to us all the time.
  • 04

    Road Assistance

    Want to run your vehicle on a full-flash, Call us. Our Road Assistance Team (RAT) will take care of it.
  • 05

    Reduced Vehicle Cost

    Chosing EV-Urjaa as your energy operator will allow you not to own the battery.
  • 06

    Time Saving

    Quick swaps will reduce the fueling time and increase the productivity.

Battery Swapping Station

Electric vehicle ecosystem development.

Creating a one step solution for you electric vehicle.

EV Urjaa Battery Point

For electric 2-Wheelers & 3-Wheelers

Compatible with vehicle brands

and more...

3000+ E-Rikshaws

Are Running on the streets of Indore.

Our team conducted a survey on E-Rickshaws running in Indore and we found that around 3000+ E-Rickshaws are running in Indore. And they need instant charge to continue driving.

Our Vision:

We are automotive firm with a vision of building a hassle-free Battery swap ecosystem for Electric Vehicles with long charging capability with low maintenance for E-vehicles users for a better mobility future of India.

“Multiple Battery Swapping Stations in Indore!!

We have performed a survey in the city and after processing the data we have divided the city in 5 different regions. 5 Different swapping stations will cover the whole city.

Coming Soon..

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