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Energy Operators

for Electric Vehicles.!!

Clean energy is the future of mobility. It will help us to fight climate change. We invite all the Entrepreneurs and Investors to come and collaborate with us to make this happen.

We are a service firm with a vision of building sustainable infrastructure for Electric Vehicle Charging station & Swapping station providing electric mobility in India.

Skill Developement

Charging Station

Battery Swapping Station

Product Developement

What advantages will you get Choosing EV-Urjaa as your Energy Operator?

  • 01

    Quick Battery Swap!!

    Swap your discharged battery with a charged one, whenever needed.
  • 02

    Increased Business Opportunity

    Availability of charged battery will open broad areas of business.
  • 03

    Smart connected

    Our smart batteries let the vehicle connected to us all the time.
  • 04

    Road Assistance

    Want to run your vehicle on a full-flash, Call us. Our Road Assistance Team (RAT) will take care of it.
  • 05

    Reduced Vehicle Cost

    Chosing EV-Urjaa as your energy operator will allow you not to own the battery.
  • 06

    Time Saving

    Quick swaps will reduce the fueling time and increase the productivity.

Compatible with vehicle brands


1800 E-Rikshaws

Are Running on the streets of Indore.

Our team conducted a survey on E-Rikshaws running in Indore and we found that around 1800 E-Rikshaws are running in Indore. And they need instant charge to continue driving.

Get your

Subscription cards

Choose EV-Urjaa as your energy operator and get your subscription card. We will take care of your energy needs!!

Our Vision:

We are a service firm with a vision of building sustainable infrastructure for Electric Vehicles and e-mobility in India.

5 Battery Swapping Stations in Indore!!

We have performed a survey in the city and after processing the data we have divided the city in 5 different regions. 5 Different swapping stations will cover the whole city.

Coming Soon..

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